Music Education Sessions I and II - 2/27/11 - 3/27/11

Our Music Education sessions 2011 were coordinated by Linda-Rose Hembreiker. One was held on the last Sunday in February (the 27th) and the second one was held on the last Sunday in March (the 27th). Harp students of all ages and all levels were encouraged to participate (especially beginners and intermediates).  Students played for an Advisor (guest harp teacher) and got his or her suggestions at the first session, and returned to the second session to show the progress they made. This is a master-class type setting (all the participants got to see each others’ performances and interactions with the teacher).  It often gives students a fresh perspective and new inspiration to get suggestions from someone other than their regular teacher, as well as to see and hear other students’ performances and suggestions from the Advisor. 


several students warm up before the session begins


guest advisor Alison Bjorkedal (seated) confers with Education & Scholarships Chair Linda-Rose Hembreiker (standing).
To the right: Heidi Spiegel and Paul Baker.

from Music Education Chair Linda-Rose Hembreiker:

"Thank you to all of the students who participated in AHS-LA's 2011 Music Education Auditions and Evaluations program. This year, we had 17 students of all ages and levels perform, representing the studios of 7 AHS-LA teachers. The students played for an open audience and received comments and constructive advice from Alison Bjorkedal. Alison immediately created a warm and friendly rapport with the students which was wonderful to observe. We were especially pleased with the amount of progress that students showed in Session II.

The Music Ed. program is a great opportunity for students to perform in a nurturing learning-environment. The participation of our students and quality of their playing is a great testament to the wealth of wonderful and supportive teaching happening in our chapter.

We would also like to thank Paul Baker and for providing a beautiful Lyon & Healy Style 23 for the Music Ed. performances."


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